Clear Polythene Bags

Clear polythene bags are used all over the world, and are extremely popular in the retail trade where they provide good cheap packaging. This is due to their low cost and hygienic properties. They are also very light in weight and can be manufactured in their millions at a very fast rate using todays modern processing techniques. The use of clear polythene bags is popular amongst retailers because of their low cost, and being transparent they allow good visibilty of the contents to the customer. There are many types of other polythene products which also make use of clear polythene, and some of these can include:
LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene is used to make clear layflat tubing. It is manufactured from virgin polyethylene, so it can therefore be used for food packaging and the service industry. Layflat tubing can be heat sealed, taped or stapled at either one or both ends to give secure protection to a package or item. Using polythene tubing on a roll allows the user to process their own polythene bags, that can be made to fit any size or shape of item. By simply using a size of tubing that will fit the product, sliding the tubing over the product and cutting to the desired length, the perfect size bag/cover with minimum waste is achieved. The ends of the bag can then be closed by stapling, heat sealing, tying or any good quality adhesive tape. Clear bags are manufactured in all shapes and sizes and are available in different gauges (thickness). Below are some of the most common gauges:
These bags suit a wide variety of uses and are approved for food use. They are hygienic and provide protection from dust and moisture, while at the same time keeping the goods visible. Polythene bags/sheeting are used for a wide range of applications and are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes, weights and gauges etc., to suit these diverse applications. They are water-resistant, and some of the higher grades are very resistant to puncturing or bursting. Other products can include polythene film and bubble wrap which are also used for packaging purposes such as plastic bags, carrier bags, and transport protection of fragile goods.
The main ingredient in most plastics is polyolefins hydrocarbons, mainly crude oil. The original polythene was produced by a high pressure process, but newer types of polythene are produced with lower pressures. Millions of tons of plastic bags are manufactured and used every year, and some companies now produce a biodegradeable plastic bag which is made using sugar cane. The many uses for clear polythene is almost endless as can be seen in the following list: More:
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